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Term & Condition of GATI HOME RELOCATION

Terms And Conditions Pertained By Gati Home Relocation

We, the Gati Home Relocation apply terms of use on our website to make clear the rights, liabilities, and obligations to all the parties who visit the site and use packing and moving services. We use the words ‘You’ and ‘Your’ to mean the visitors and registered users, as well as we use the words ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ to mean the packers and movers (Gati Home Relocation). We request all our visitors and registered users to read the terms of use carefully prior to go on and use our website information and services in any way. By using the website information and services, you designate that you are completely agree and accept to abide by the terms of use on our site and you have understood these completely.

1. Admittance To Our Website

1.1 Your access on our website is permitted not on a permanent basis. We can hold the right to reverse or withdraw the service we offer without any prior notice. We are not responsible if anytime our website goes unavailable regardless of reasons.
1.2 Infrequently, we can restrict to the access to our entire site or to some of the pages to the users who are registered with us.
1.3 The user identification code and password that we provide to our registers users should be treated confidential and not be given third-party. Users who have botched to meet the terms of use by Gati Home Relocation the site have the authority to disable the code and security password anytime without any notice.

2. Payment Method & Security

2.1 You will be liable to make payment the service that would be offered to you after your confirmation. Confirmation should be given in written; otherwise we are unable to process further.
2.2 Users are responsible to pay a certain part of the service charge in advance that we can process the request for removal or warehouse/storage service.
2.3 You are not authorized to hold back any part of the service charge for any loss or damage during move. You can only claim for your loss or damage if occur any when you will make the full payment only.
2.4 The price for the warehouse or storage service can be revised anytime with a prior notice.
2.5 You will get a storage/warehouse imbursement reminder seven days before the outstanding (due) date. If you will be unable to pay the amount within time, then you will be charged 10% extra on the whole amount.

3. Right on the Intellectual Assets

3.1 Users as well as visitors can visit our site and access all the data available on our site. We have the right on our intellectual property as well as the published material. All the data, information, and materials of your website are copyright protected and reserved by the laws and treaties.
3.2 You can print or download a page of our website for your personal necessities. But, you are not authorized to use the information and material for any commercial purposes.
3.3 We can end the right of you to access our website if you breach any terms of use anytime by any means.

4. Authority to Update Website Anytime

We are fully authorized to update the content, theme, appearance, and material on our website regularly or occasionally. We can temporarily end the access to our website for maintenance necessity for indefinite duration.

5. Rights to Access to Your Information on Our Site

5.1 The information you have submitted as a registered user can be processed on the basis of our privacy policy.
5.2 By accessing our site, you confirm that we can process your information, and the information is genuine.

6. Hacking And Illegal Activities are Prohibited

You are not allowed to misuse the information on our website intentionally or unintentionally applying viruses, worms, logic bombs, or any other means. You are not authorized to access our server (where our site is stored), computer and database that are connected to our site.

7. Variations and Alternations in Terms of Use

Without any prior notice to our users we can change the terms of use on our website. We request our users to visit the site occasionally to note the amend we make.
If you feel any concern with the material on our site, please feel free to contact us with the email address enlisted in the site.
If you not agree with the terms and use of the site applied by Gati Home Relocation, then you are requested not to use our website.