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Reliable office shifting service across India by Gati home relocation

Gati home relocation has been working for the past few years in office shifting service. For the trust and confidence of our customers upon us, we were able to come to this echelon. We are not only doing this all over India but also doing this office relocation outside the country. There are several reasons for office shifting. The radical change of business, enhancement of branches, or shifting to a new place for better engagement, or else to move your old office to a new place and decorate in a modern way. When you decide to shift you have the contemplation, ‘ how can this be possible?

We know office relocation is not an easygoing task. As it is one of the hazardous jobs. So you can imagine who will take so much responsibility, you may be worried about this if the employees from packers and movers company are not skilled enough, if they just pack the goods, throw the boxes into the truck, then leave at the door of your new office, then you have to finish the rest of the work. Is that what you are thinking? We know that many companies fail to cooperate. You have to think and come to the right conclusion. Because it’s not only necessary to deliver it but also a moral duty of ideal packers and movers company to renovate the new place with liability.

We Gati Home Relocation Packers and Movers work through proper planning, endeavor, and supervision. As a consequence, as from the past few years, we have redecorated many companies.

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How can you get help from Gati Home Relocation?

Our work is done in three steps. We have followed these three rules since the establishment.

❖ Analyze

First, we send our office relocation specialists, those who have a long experience. They will look out and will listen to your thoughts thereafter we will send you a complete draft.

❖ Planning

A proper plan will be defined by our team members after you fix your shifting date. That will include each service we will provide on your desired date.

❖ Execute

We will arrive on the appointed day and pack your goods with high-quality materials, then carefully put those items into the truck, after reaching the destination the goods will be unpacked with the utmost care, henceforth as per your requirement, the place will be arranged as well as redecorating.

Why you should choose Gati Home Relocation for office relocation service

Proper shifting plan

Yes, our ingenious team members have had a huge experience for the past years in preparing a prominent plan for corporate shifting. A proper plan is essential so that there is no disruption during work hours. We are here to get rid of your thoughts about planning, packaging, transport system, shifting process, etc.

Office relocation specialist

There are many rules and regulations to go from one place to another. Office relocation causes a lot of chaos in the work environment. Our professional team members will explore the assertion of the owner of the company, then we will advise how this work will be done properly in a smooth way. We will help you in the entire process. Our team experts will prepare a brief plan from the packaging types of equipment to reinstallations of the electronics. The whole process will be looked after by our specialist to complete the A-Z plan.

Packaging materials

The materials used by us are eco-friendly and very high in quality. As in a company, there will be a lot of electrical, fragile, glass made materials, to pack these types of accessories we use top quality materials to ensure proper safety. We use advanced technology to pack and shift your products in a secure way.

Technical services

Our skilled team members have the proficiency to repair and resettle any kind of electrical machinery, they can take the charge of any kind of technical issues, they have the experience from many years. Our skilled staff will make all the arrangements from the electrical system to redecorate the place.

Cargo shifting service for office relocation

We provide cargo shifting services according to customers’ requirements. If they want to shift their offices overseas, they can use this shipment process. Our proficient team members have known the details about the shifting process, they will arrange everything as per as your need. You will get your things to your desired destination as our employees skillfully complete this task under their supervision.

Loading, unloading & storage services

For shifting heavyweight furniture our potent and versed officiary have the training to accomplish the tasks without any difficulty. We have our medium and also extra storage houses for staged execution.

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The benefits you will get from Gati home relocation packers and movers

We will be with you throughout this journey and fulfill all the responsibilities in a short time. We always keep our commitment. The main advantage you will get from us :

You spend 6-10 hours in your workplace so if you face any difficulty there to find your valuable pieces of equipment and documents, if they are not at the right place then obstruction will occur. That’s why you need the best packers and movers for your relocation services. Contact our office shifting specialists to get your problem solved.

We have done office relocation in major cities in India

  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Kolkata
  • Hyderabad
  • Pune
  • Surat
  • Lucknow
  • Allahabad
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
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  • Indore
  • Patna

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